On Site Construction

Zoomlion QY70V Mobile Crane

In addition to the standard factory fitted features of the 70-ton mobile crane, Quality Steel made a substantial additional investment in the performance and safety features of the crane. These include:

  • Two-way radio system.
  • A full system wireless weather station
  • An Ansul A-101-30 full internal fire suppression system
  • Trysome chock blocks – for securing outriggers.
  • An NAE fitted EPS (engine protection system)
  • An NAE fitted Power Track driver management system
  • An RF1 Mine-safe GPS

Nifty Mobile Work Platform

This diesel engine mobile work platform is an indispensable part of the company’s site erection equipment. Its maneuverability, and ability to reach areas that are difficult to access otherwise, leads to considerable time and cost savings. Furthermore, the Nifty offers a very safe and stable work platform.

All fabrication equipment is continuously maintained according to the prescribed service and testing requirements and all equipment and machine operators are certified.

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